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KORG Legacy Collection



The Ultimate Virtual Instrument Pack

We are pleased to announce that KORG Legacy Collection series is now available in 64-bit! KORG's Legacy Collection series, made up of legendary KORG synthesizers including MS-20, Polysix, Mono/Poly, WAVESTATION and M1, as well as MDE-X effects processor and LegacyCell will now work on the latest 64-bit DAWs. You can download the updater freely from "Download for registered users". Enter your registered e-mail address and password, log into KORG USER NET and click [Download for registered users].

KORG Legacy Collection
Special Bundle

Legacy Logo

Special Bundle includes following softwares:
- MS-20
- Polysix
- Mono/Poly
- M1

Download Purchase: $199.99

Special Bundle Upgrade for M1 Le owners: $99.00
*This promotional upgrade is valid for owners of KORG controllers. For more info, go to KORG Software Bundle page.


MS-20 Edit

Software Synthesizer

The MS-20 software synthesizer provides a complete simulation of its legendary original. In addition, it gives you modern advantages such as up to 32 voices of polyphony and up to 16-voice unison (with detune/spread function). Flexible external modulation settings and MIDI clock synchronization have also been added, giving you even greater creative potential.

Download Price: $49.99 


Polysix Edit

Software Synthesizer

The Polysix programmable six-voice polyphonic analog synthesizer was introduced in 1981.

Download Price: $49.99


MonoPoly Edit

Software Synthesizer

The classic four-VCO monophonic/polyphonic synthesizer, now enhanced by numerous new functions such as two multi-effects and an amazing eight virtual patches, making this the ultimate form of this legendary instrument.

Download Price: $49.99 


M1 Edit

Software Synthesizer

Back by popular demand: the definitive software version of the classic M1, the Korg synthesizer that established the PCM sound.

Download Price: $49.99 


WS Edit

Software Synthsizer

The WAVESTATION appeared in 1990 offering its new “Advanced Vector Synthesis System,” which allowed combining and shifting between multiple complex waveforms.

Download Price: $49.99 


MDE-X Edit

Multi-Effect Plug-In

The MDE-X multi-effect plug-in is now RTAS compatible. MDE-X features 19 types of effects, representing many long years of technical expertise derived from Korg’s effects processors, synthesizers (including the TRITON family), and digital recording studios.

Download Price: $19.99 

Owners who register "KORG Legacy Collection - DIGITAL EDITION" since August 1st 2010 can upgrade to "KORG Legacy Collection - Special Bundle" for free.

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