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KORG Gadget for iPad

Remix contest is now open!
August 7 - August 31

Join the contest - start by downloading Korg Gadget!




KORG Gadget for iPad


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How would you like to get the latest KORG gear just by participating in this contest?

Korg has teamed up with SoundCloud to offer a worldwide remix contest for KORG Gadget for iPad owners! From August 7 through August 31 2015, owners can enter the contest by uploading a remixed track to "GadgetCloud". Winners will receive special prizes for their remixes.

  • Gadget Remix Contest - Prize


This remix contest is open to everyone, amateur and professional alike! Gain new skills while remixing tracks in competition with users throughout the world. Enter this remix contest and distribute your work all over the world!


- Entry Period : August 7 - August 31

- This Contest is open to KORG Gadget owners who also have a SoundCloud account

- Participants can remix any of the official pre-installed demo songs (“Gadget World Tour”, “The Body & Soul”, “Our Cities”, Shape Down”)

- Participants can enter 1 track to the each original song, 4 tracks in total. If more than two are uploaded per the same song, the latest track will be used for entries

- The prize winners will be selected by KORG contest committees

- Please read carefully the full contest rules (http://www.korg.com/contest_rules/) prior to entry to ensure you understand and agree.

- The prize winners will be announced in mid-September 2015.

- We will send private messages via our "KORG" SoundCloud to our winners.


Cosponsor: SoundCloud Ltd.

SoundCloud, founded in 2008 by Alexander Ljung and Eric Wahlforss, enables music professionals and other creators to collaborate, publish and share their sounds on the web, in a simple, accessible and feature-rich way. SoundCloud allows music makers to upload large audio files; share them publicly and privately; embed tracks across websites and blogs; receive detailed analytics, plus feedback from the community directly onto their SoundCloud player.

For more information go to: http://soundcloud.com


Check out these great prizes for the top 3 remixers!

No. 1  Winner

No. 1 Winner

- KORG TRITON taktile-49
- KORG electribe
- 1 year SoundCloud Unlimited Membership
- Featured spot on Korg’s social channels and website etc.

No.2  Second Place

No.2 Second Place

- KORG microKEY-61
- KORG volca sample
- 1 year SoundCloud Unlimited Membership
- Featured spot on Korg’s social channels and website etc.

No.3  Third Place

No.3 Third Place

- 1 year SoundCloud Unlimited Membership
- Featured spot on Korg’s social channels and website etc.

How to Enter

How to start remixing

1. Install KORG Gadget. (App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/app/korg-gadget/id791077159)

2. Launch KORG Gadget.

3. Tap the file icon of the top-left screen, and select “Open”.

4. Load from any of the following preloaded demos: “1 Gadget World Tour”, “2 The Body & Soul“, “3 Our Cities”, “4 Shape Down”.

5. Start remixing!

How to upload

1. Tap the file icon of the top left screen, and tap ”Export”.

2. Select “GadgetCloud” from the list.

3. Enter “GadgetContest” in the tag form. Please feel free to modify the song name (while still retaining the original name) and delete the number 1, 2, 3 or 4 that is included at the beginning of the track. For example : Gadget World Tour (Milpitas Remix)

4. Upload to GadgetCloud according to directions.

5. When your entry has finished uploading, your track will be linked by “KORG app Featured” SoundCloud account within a few days, and it will be shown on the Featured tab in the GadgetCloud.

Remixable Tracks

Choose one of the four official demo songs included in Gadget (listed below) and remix it.

“Gadget World Tour”

“The Body & Soul”

“Our Cities”

“Shape Down”


"Gadget World Tour" Let’s compare this to the original track.

That’s all for the explanation.
Now, let’s get started remixing with KORG Gadget!



※ The following contents is notification for “KORG Gadget Remix Contest #1”
We are no longer accepting entries for this contest as it has now closed.
We appreciate your understanding.

Announcing Top 10 winners of KORG Gadget Remix Contest #1!(April 15, 2014 Update)

Thank you for your participation in "KORG Gadget Remix Contest # 1". The contest, which ran from February 28th to March 31st, had 284 entrants, all of which displayed extreme skill and talent.

Our KORG contest committee, composed of the KORG Gadget development team, carefully reviewed each of the entries and now has the distinct honor to announce following award-winning works:

No.1 Gold - Moor hertz / The Body & Soul - Moor Hertz


KORG taktile-25 / KORG volca keys / KORG volca bass / KORG volca beats / 2 years SoundCloud Unlimited Membership


Comments from Korg Gadget Development team
At first, the remix is nothing like original song, but then as we listen, there are many points where we can hear phrases or sounds of original song without breaking the flow of the remix.
What a great electro sound! We really liked how pad and bass sounds were used, as well as the use of effects and filter.

No.2 Silver - RonoTron / Our Cities (RonoTron Uplifting Remix)


KORG microKEY-25 / KORG MS-20 mini / 1 year SoundCloud Unlimited Membership


Comments from Korg Gadget Development team
This remix starts with a choir pad sound, evoking a sense of nostalgia.
The arrangement as presented in the remix makes the song a bit simpler than the original.
We enjoyed listening to it very much, because in the first half, the remix starts very smoothly and as it gets to the last half, the tone changes abit and gets to the hook point.

No.3 Bronze - soltec / Shape Down - Celebrate your shape Remix by SOLTEC - {FINAL VERSION}


KORG nanoKEY2-WH / KORG volca keys / 1 year SoundCloud Unlimited Membership


Comments from Korg Development Membership
This remix is big beat style, which is powerful and cool. It is totally different from the original song. From the beginning, the remix shows just how well the remixer used the effects, really showing off their impressive depth of knowledge about Gadget.
The remix has a certain atmosphere, flow and great sense of arrangement.

No.4〜10 Runners Up

4. jpshoji / Gadget World Tour (jpshoji remix -made by KORG Gadget)

5. Sinking Feeling / The Body & Soul (Sunken Soul Remix GadgetContest)

6. TAJIMAX / Gadget World Tour(TAJIMAX remix)

7. Mulperi / Shape Down (Mulperi Gadget Remix)

8. noahzark / Shape Down (OPFremix)

9. FluiDynamic / The Body & Soul (Fluidynamic remix) Gadget

10. KeiYachimura / Shape Down ( LA Electro Beat rmx) - KorgGadgetContest


1 year SoundCloud Pro Membership


Notification of Winners:
Winners will receive a private message in their SoundCloud account via our “KORG” SoundCloud within a few weeks.

Finally, to everyone who participated in the "KORG Gadget Remix Contest # 1", we would once again like to express our gratitude for your participation! Our Gadget Development Team is extremely impressed by the quality of the submitted remixes, and pleased to see how people are using Gadget! We plan to hold a second contest in the future, so keep an eye out for our upcoming announcement and don’t miss a great opportunity to show off your Gadget skills.

We can’t wait to hear what you’ll come up with next!