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An expansive arsenal of synthesizers; opening a new world of mobile music production.
Announcing "Santa Clara," the new version of KORG Gadget for iPad.

Announcing a powerful new update for KORG Gadget; the multi-track music creation app that has ranked at number one in the music section of iTunes App Stores around the world! Version 1.0.3, code-named Santa Clara, gives the user even more “gadgets” to create with using their iPad!


Now, with Santa Clara, you get a landscape mode (user-requested) that lets you use the app horizontally, enhanced MIDI control and audio export, seamless importation of your session to an Ableton Live set file (.als), 64-bit support, and access to two brand-new gadgets as In-App Purchases. 

New functions in Gadget 1.0.3 Santa Clara
Two new gadgets, "Bilbao" and "Abu Dhabi."
 (Available for purchase within the Gadget app.)

Landscape mode for creating tracks anywhere.

A major feature of KORG Gadget has been the vertical user interface that's easy to use even when held in a single hand, and now by popular demand we've also added a landscape mode. See more tracks at once in landscape mode, or more clips in portrait mode. The choice is yours.

Professional MIDI control takes you to an even deeper level.

All gadget parameters can now be freely controlled via MIDI. Also supported is MIDI sync, allowing synchronized performance with your DAW or other MIDI devices. Gadget can be freely controlled from any MIDI controller that can be connected to the iPad, such as Korg’s taktile or the nano series.
・TRITON taktile-25/49
* For connection to the iPad, use the Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit or Lightning - USB camera adaptor.
* A hub that supplies power is required for system 2.0 or later of the taktile series, and for the microKEY-37/61.

A new workflow with Ableton Live

Transform inspiration into a creative production. KORG has collaborated with Ableton to offer a new music production workflow that lets you move seamlessly from mobile to desktop. KORG Gadget can export your project in an Ableton Live format, via iTunes or Dropbox. The phrases of each track and scene you create are internally converted into audio files. You can then use Live’s powerful Session and Arrangement workflows to edit and and refine your ideas, perform or record new parts, arrange your ideas, and mix your song. If you don't already have Ableton Live, sign up in app to receive Ableton Live Lite for free.

Products that support Ableton Live project export functionality:
・electribe, electribe sampler (NEW!)
・iKaossilator for iPhone and iPad
・KORG Gadget for iPad 

Export audio files any way you like.

In addition to powerful new association with Ableton Live, the audio data export functionality has also become far more convenient. In addition to the existing two-channel stereo file export capability, you can export audio data for individual tracks. This allows your ideas to be transferred via iTunes file sharing or Dropbox into your DAW, not only into Live but also into GarageBand, Logic Pro X, Pro Tools, Cubase, Sonar, or Digital Performer. KORG Gadget provides the ultimate experience even as a second DAW that you can take anywhere with you.

Native 64-bit support. Completely optimized for the latest iPad and iOS.

Santa Clara newly provides native 64-bit support. If you have the latest iPad and iOS, the full potential of your device will be utilized to deliver the best possible performance. Additionally, the KORG Gadget synthesizer engine has been completely optimized in assembler. From the visible to the invisible, every part has been painstakingly tuned by an experienced team of app development experts to being the system to a higher state of evolution.

The latest version of the KORG Gadget for iPad is available on the App Store. A free upgrade is available to users who have already purchased a previous version of the KORG Gadget for iPad.

Bring mobile music production studio to the Next Level
“KORG Gadget 1.0.2 Milpitas” release

Today, we’ve released our first update to KORG Gadget for iPad version 1.0.2 (code name : Milpitas).

  • Milpitas

Since Gadget’s release, we’ve received plenty of great feedback and requests. Although we cannot implement all the requests we’ve received so far into this update, our world-class engineering team will continue to improve Gadget for a long time coming as we continue to improve upon this fresh, mobile music production platform.

This update is just the first step in what will be an ongoing process to continue to improve KORG Gadget. Each subsequent update to KORG Gadget will be indicated with a micro step (1.0.1, 1.0.2, etc.).

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Version 1.0.2 "code name: Milpitas"
New Features (2014.2.28 Update)

  • For beginners who want to start track making
    - Newly added “Beginners Guide” (
  • For Professionals
    - Audiobus support (iPad Air / iPad mini Retina recommended)
    - Increased maximum bar length of clip from 8 bar to 16 bar
    - Automation parameter edit support without real-time recording
    - Arrange tracks
    - Track number support
    - Improved auto-naming function when creating a new song
    - Improved drawing capability
  • Enhancement of Sequencer
    - Auto scroll sequencer when dragging notes toward the edges of screen
    - Easier to change note length at the right edge of screen
    - You can now move and edit multiple notes together while maintaining their relative pitch
    - Reduce to one action to access parameters such as bar length
  • Enhancement of “Hybrid Design“
    - Refined “Hybrid Design“ with UI/UX experts
    - Optimized design with Function along with streamlined iOS 7 design
    - Improved animation when loading a song
    - Increased Japanese
  • Enhancement of “GadgetCloud“
    - GadgetCloud website version open (
    - Display update date of top chart
    - Activity tab support to show your activity. Notifications now inform you when your track is liked / you are followed, etc.
    - Additing tags support when uploading to SoundCloud
  • Other small tweaks have been made to improve usability and stability.
KORG Gadget

The latest version of the KORG Gadget for iPad is available on the App Store. A free upgrade is available to users who have already purchased a previous version of the KORG Gadget for iPad.