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Announcing Winners!

Thanks to all entrants of our contest!




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Announcing winners of
KORG Gadget Kamata Contest!

Thank you for your participation in "KORG Gadget Kamata Contest”. The contest, which ran from July 31st to September 13th, had over 170 entrants, all of which displayed extreme skill and talent.

Our KORG contest committee, composed of the KORG, BANDAI NAMCO Studios, and DETUNE, carefully reviewed each of the entries and now has the distinct honor to announce following award-winning works:

asteroid Remix Category
asteroid (A.D.O.L. electro house arrange)

One Kamata Category
KORG One Kamata - into the valley

Kamata EDM Category
KORG One Kamata - into the valley

Notification of Winners:
Winners will receive a private message in their SoundCloud and Youtube account via our KORG app within a few weeks.

Finally, to everyone who participated in the "KORG Gadget Kamata Contest ", we would once again like to express our gratitude for your participation!
* The following contents is notification for “KORG Gadget Kamata Contest” announcement.
We are no longer accepting entries for this contest as it has now closed.
We appreciate your understanding.

Get Kamata and participate in a contest to win.

KORG, BANDAI NAMCO Studios, and DETUNE have teamed up to hold the “Kamata Contest”. Pick your favourite topic from one of two categories, and use the KORG gadget’s online sharing function “GadgetCloud” or “Youtube” to upload a sound recording or video. We are arranging a special prize for the best work submitted. The deadline for submissions is September 13th (Tuesday).

Entry Categories
Please choose from one of the following three categories.

1) asteroid Remix Category
Create a remix of the Kamata demo song “asteroid.” The demo song “12.asteroid” is included as a demo song  automatically  when you purchase Kamata, open it from the file icon. You  can use all types of gadget for the tune! There is no  restriction. Make a new asteroid!

Remixable Tracks
Listed below and Remix it!

Let’s listen to the entries so far

2) One Kamata Category
Use one Kamata gadget and one track only. For the tune and sound FX anything goes. Have fun! Even one line jokes are very welcome

Let’s listen to the entries so far

3) Kamata EDM Category [NEW!]
Use more than one Kamata gadget and make your original EDM(Electronic Dance Music) tune! It's up to you on how to understand the EDM genre. Become Kamata EDM creator! You can use all types of gadgets for the tune. Have fun!

Let’s listen to the entries so far


- Entry Period : July 31 (Sunday) - September 13 (Tuesday)

- This Contest is open to KORG Gadget app and Kamata gadget owners who also have a "SoundCloud account" or "Youtube account".

- We ask that you choose from one these three categories.

- Participants can enter a track for each of the categories ( three  tracks per user  in total). If more than one entry for a category is made, only the latest track will be allowed to compete.

- The prize winners will be selected by KORG, BANDAI NAMCO Studios and DETUNE contest committees

- Please read carefully the full contest rules ( http://www.korg.com/contest_rules/) prior to entry to ensure you understand and agree. Entry will be a confirmation you understand and agree with the competition rules.

- The prize winners will be announced in September 17. - We will send private messages via our "KORG app" SoundCloud account and Youtube account to the winners.

How to Enter

Upload to SoundCloud

1. Tap the file icon of the top left screen, and tap ”Export”.

2. Select “GadgetCloud” from the list.

3. Enter asteroid Remix Category is " asteroidremix”, One Kamata Catgory is "onekamata", Kamata EDM Category is "kamataedm" in the tag form. Please feel free to modify the song name (while still retaining the original name) and delete the number 12 that is included at the beginning of the track. For example : asteroid (A Man Remix)

4. Upload to GadgetCloud according to directions.

5. When your entry has finished uploading, your track will be linked by “KORG app Featured” SoundCloud account within a few days, and it will be shown on the Featured tab in the GadgetCloud. If you does not linked even after a lapse of a few days, please contact us here.

Upload to Youtube

1. Export or take a video of your entry tune.

2. For the title of the video, please put asteroid Remix Category is “KORG Kamata asteroid - (name of tune)”, One Kamata Category is "KORG One Kamata - (name of tune)",  Kamata EDM Category is "KORG Kamata EDM - (name of tune)".

3. Ensure your entry is set to “public” when you upload it. If it is set to “unlisted” or “private” then it will not be entered into the competition, so make sure to check.

4. Completed entries will be added to a playlist on the “KORG app” Youtube account within a few days, and will appear in the Kamata contest. If you does not linked even after a lapse of a few days, please contact us here.

Okay, that's it!
You are ready to start the KORG Gadget Kamata challenge!